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Tarryn at bay

the dog walk interview

we gave Bob a chance to rant, and now he wants his own series

As meeting indoors is now strongly discouraged, we took Sam Evans and Bob Blower to an open field and listened in. After editing out the reminders to stand further apart, we were left with a good solid thirty seconds.


Professor Wei-Tek Tsai

what's better than blockchain?

Clarency plans east-west blockchain bridge

Why have one blockchain when you can have two?

Our biz.Clarency platform for international trade is set to launch officially on 29th December 2020. It's one of only a handful of fully developed blockchain-enabled...

European financial crime

rules, rules and more rules

EU Council to consider harmonising AML/ATF rules

So the European Council is to meet to consider whether AML/ATF rules should be harmonised across the EU. Personal views on Brexit aside, this feels very much like a validation of one of the criticisms of the Council: that of...

Man blinded by dollar bills

are the banks complicit in money laundering?

global initiative suggests that banks and governments turn a blind eye to money laundering

In case you missed it, Global Initiative has published a challenging article about FinCEN documents leaked to BuzzFeed. Gabriel Moberg suggests that money laundering is going on with the knowledge both of banks and regulators.


InterlockLedger Blockchain

a meeting of minds

InterlockLedger powers the biz.Clarency blockchain

It was always our intention, from the original whiteboard sessions, that biz.Clarency's underlying data handling would use blockchain technology. Its immutability lends itself perfectly to creating a trusted audit trail,...

Correspondent banking in decline

is the correspondent banking decline slowing?

demand for cross-border payments is increasing

According to BIS in its article New correspondent banking data - the decline continues at a slower pace, the number of active correspondent banks fell by about 3% in 2019. Compared to the 22% decline between 2011 and 2019,...

Africa shipping exports

don't fear the African opportunity

reaping safe rewards from blossoming economies

Despite mounting difficulties and spiralling non-compliance penalties, global remittances grew by 10% in 2018. The increase slowed in 2019, with the final figure expected to be 3.7%. But a slower increase is still an increase;...

shaking hands at CognisSys

employee hiring: is it time to change our approach?

how KYC can become KYE

The concept that any business's main differentiator is its employees is so over-used that it's virtually a cliché. Every company will boast that its most important asset is its people, but is that statement backed...

Currency exchange facilitated by CognisSys

payday loans turn to peer-to-peer lending

easier access and lower rates - but is it all good news?

The introduction of low-interest marketplace lenders (MPL) schemes in the UK has benefited consumers and SMEs, bringing lower loan rates, high approval rates and quick money disbursement - albeit with a low level of customer...

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