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Our web portal is available to you whenever you need it. Even if you work with biz.Clarency via APIs or custom-developed interfaces, there'll be times when you need to check or action something time-critical while away from your desk. With the ability to tailor access levels by identity, job function, group or practically any other criteria you need, you're always able to access the power of biz.Clarency.

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your customers' access

One of biz.Clarency's most persuasive features is the way it moves information gathering from a chore for your staff to a user-friendly process for your customers. Their portal is designed as mobile-first, as this is the most likely way it will be accessed. The interface can be fully white-labelled, right down to matching your corporate fonts and colours.

The customer portal allows your clients to upload documents, initiate payments and manage their account. It brings your organisation to a highly visible fulcrum of your customers' businesses.

your dashboard

For use within your organisation, the biz.Clarency interface is optimised for full-screen access. While it's mobile-responsive, the best experience is full-screen to give at-a-glance information and operations. The screens can be badged with your own logo.

From your dashboard you can manage customers, drill down on transactions, initiate payments and much more. All functions can be permission-based according to your practices.


see biz.Clarency in action

This video gives you a broad picture of how the biz.Clarency web portal operates, as well as providing a glimpse of what happens in the background. It may well create more questions than answers, but if it whets your curiosity to know more, by all means request your own demo and we'll fill in the gaps.

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We'd love to show you how biz.Clarency could fit into your business, and the best way we know of doing that is to meet online and do an interactive demonstration in which you can ask questions, make suggestions and get to know us as we get to know you. Just click the button below and let's make it happen.

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