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The world's emerging economies hold limitless opportunity, but it takes specialist knowledge and multiple partnerships to seize those opportunities without considerable risk. It makes sense to build a network of trusted financial partners who can provide the experience, contacts, licences and payment rails to keep things running safely and smoothly. Even if you're confident to go it alone, you need to deal with a web of counterparties, shipping agents and currency facilitators, each with their own systems and processes.

Managing this complexity soaks up resource and impacts your margins. Given the risk factor, you may decide that the return doesn't justify the effort. That's a great shame because there's good business going to waste. We've created a processing engine that doesn't just simplify your network managment, it brings you single-step payments across multiple currencies and jurisdictions, drastically shortening or even eliminating the requirement for expensive and slow correspondent banking.

Noah stands for Neo Open Account Hub*. It centres on a segregated account set up on your behalf with a Tier 1 bank, and you have total control over it through the user-friendly interface, connection to a Salesforce account, or a robust suite of APIs designed to mesh seamlessly with your own banking system or ERP. It's also fully integrated with SWIFT to allow you to interact using industry standard messaging.

But it's more than just an account manager; It automatically manages and coordinates the resources needed to successfully process your payments. It gives you one-source visibility of KYC progress and information, counterparties, shipping details and more. Everything you need to manage your network, your customers and their counterparties and transactions.

noah architecture Connection to noah couldn't be simpler. It's designed to fit in with the way you work, and you can mix and match to suit you. So your banking team might acccess via API using your accustomed ERP system, your sales team could access using either your own Salesforce account or the one that we provide as part of your noah service. If you prefer to use our interface - not at all a bad choice, it's there for you from any browser, and you can maintain control on the move from our mobile app. Accounts can be permission-based so that each of your teams has access to the right information.

But the really clever stuff happens behind the interface. We work with best-in-class partners to bring you information and services that don't just improve your compliance, they actively help you to grow your business.

  • Enhanced KYC/AML verifies statutory documents and reveals background information on companies and people, detailed background checks for PEPs, sanctions, company activities, even down to memberships and social media activities, giving you unparalleled confidence in your MLROs' decisions
  • Transaction information checks shipping information, compares market values and container dimensions to tell you exactly what goods are being shipped
  • Our foreign exchange platform delivers razor-sharp, dependable forex in more than 140 currencies
  • SWIFT messaging allows you to use the banking industry standard messaging directly, but with noah connection to messages to save you switching from one system to another
  • A leading-edge blockchain solution provides next-generation security and immutability to track every transaction, every decision to provide the detailed audit trail that demonstrates first-class compliance. And by an ingenious extension of SWIFT, noah provides your network partners with full transactional information far beyond MT103's 140 characters, right within their standard SWIFT connection.

These class-leading services are baked-in to the noah platform, allowing you to access every part of every customer and transaction from a single point. Noah choreographs the payment from receipt of request to execution. It's the process management tool that serves your entire business, allowing you to make better decisions faster, to reduce staff workload in multiple disciplines and to trade with confidence in every marketplace, everywhere.

* Okay, it stands for that now. Actually Michael, our ace API developer, recently became a father, and noah was named after his newborn son. We invented the acronym later to look cool.

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