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Clarency under the microscope

there's always room for improvement

As we develop our systems to increase our capacity and improve our customer service, it's vital that our compliance-first focus and commitment to AML and ATF doesn't waver, and that we continue to set a benchmark for...

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developing the role of CBDC in monetary policy

an underused tool in reducing transactional balances

I came across this very interesting post the other day. Essentially it analyses the demand for bank reserves at the central bank. In 1983 the collective reserve target for UK Clearing Banks reserves was £184 million, but...

Digitised human face

Form3 delivers the message

Clarency connects direct to SWIFT

While Clarency has been providing industry standard via our banking partners for some time, we've now received our own SWIFT code to connect directly to international bank messaging. For that we must pay tribute to superb...

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playing the game of loans

you either win or you pay

Looking at the “surprise” PSBR surplus brought back happy memories. In the early 80s the PSBR was big and short term interest rates were high. The inflow of taxes from banks to the public sector on tax days...

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digitisation of trade - it's not just about banks

how the upcoming trade documentation bill creates opportunity

A few days ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Professor Alistair Milne and several of his colleagues from the Loughborough School of Business and Economics. among our topics was the  Electronic Trade Documents Bill,...

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are economic sanctions effective?

who are the victims of a collapsing economy?

By the time you read this, the disgraceful story of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine will have moved on to a different chapter, the outcome of which can only be guessed at this moment.

In times past, the withdrawal...

sunrise on partnership

the beer garden brains trust

I know I can be something of a broken record when it comes to the power of partnership and shared expertise, but a meeting of minds last Thursday looks like proving me right.

The venue was the beer garden at the Sun...

Khumo Motsisi

maintaining an eagle eye

stopping fraud before it happens

Khumo Motsisi heads up the biz.Clarency department in charge of implementing our stringent AML/ATF operations. Here she shares a recent blip from her busy radar screen.

One of the advantages of putting so much automation...

Clarency at the pub

what to do when the dog says it's too cold

Never work with animals or children. I'm used to the latter - I work with Bob and Sam remember - but in this case it was the animal element that interfered with plans. We were aiming for our second Dog Walk Interview. Tarryn,...

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