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Computer hacker at work

who am I speaking to please?

the increasing importance of identity verification

Summary: FIs have been fined $26 billion in the last decade for failing to comply with AML compliance laws amp; regulations The FMI industry is experiencing high customer acquisition cost with low revenue growth and reduced...

Identity Resolution Hero Image

identity resolution and risk levels

confirming the real-world identity of an individual

Summary: Three million cases of identity theft and fraud, worth $1.48 billion,  were reported in 2018, which is an exponential increase from $406 million in 2017. Identity Resolution and selection of attributes,...

Financial technologies in Mauritius

strong future for fintech in Mauritius

Clarency backs call for uk financial technology trainers

Clarency and its sister companies have a strong relationship with Mauritius. This small group of islands is set to take a leading role in world trade, and we're excited to be part of it. In November, we will be delivering...

Nigerian shoemaker

de-risking is a humanist issue

we look at the human cost of the decline in correspondent banking

For nearly two decades, the world banks have been withdrawing banking relationships with countries which they regard as high-risk.

Let me be clear that I'm not condemning the global banks for closing their correspondent...

Campaigning Mexican worker

re-connecting Mexico

despite investment and powerful intervention, the mexico/usa wall may already exist

Relations between Mexico and the USA have rarely been at a lower ebb. The present administration has galvanised feelings against Mexicans working in the US, even though they rank only third in immigrant numbers, behind China...

Cash being taken from pocketbook

what's the future for cash?

digital transfers will make physical cash redundant - or will they?

There’s a widespread belief that the increasing use of digital funds transfer will rapidly make cash redundant. While it’s certainly true that card payments and online systems have reduced the usage of cash as a percentage...

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