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bob blower explains partnership

choose your partners

Bob Blower gives his view on the Eqibank/Clarency partnership

"Partnership has to be one of the misused business terms in the world today.” Bob Blower, CEO of Clarency, has never been one to shy from voicing his views, but this one comes as some surprise on the heels of the company’s announcement of a new partnership with Eqibank, the Dominican digital bank that also champions financial freedom in a more connected banking world. “It annoys me that people claim partnership when what they’re...

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how does blockchain impact climate change?

an eco-friendly solution for the third decade

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Jem Shaw in interview

biz.Clarency - behind the idea

Jem Shaw answers FinTech Times's questions

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Fadi Al Faqih

Trice presses the accelerator on world trade

ATTIC chats to Fadi Al Faqih of Trice

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a SWIFT evaluation

are shared ledger systems necessarily flawed?

SWIFT has published an article on the application of a shared ledger system to improve transparency in cross-border payments. It's an excellent article, raising worthwhile issues that caution us all against rushing into shared ledger/blockchain solutions. Yet a viable means of creating end-to-end transparency is sorely needed and, while several infuential bodies continue to work towards a practical solution, there's little evidence of adoption.

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Cleverly avoiding conflict

why communication is better than silence

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Ebenezer Scrooge checks his iPhone

inbedded finance

in which Scrooge is schooled by a ghost, or
S.P.E.C.T.R.E - find out what it means to me

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19th century-style satirical cartoon

it's not just about Nigel

who are the real victims of the banks' prejudices?

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stylised guoco tower

quick facts

  • a Major Payments Institution established in Singapore under the Payment Systems Regulations and overseen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • $4 billion processed
  • consistent growth and profit achieved without outside investment
  • a SWIFT member accessible via BIC CLIPSGSG
  • offers third-party payments in USD, EUR, GBP and over 100 other currencies
  • active transaction monitoring on all instructions, including EDD, shipping intelligence and market price/rational pricing
  • all data maintained on next-generation blockchain for security, immutability and auditability
  • direct human support available 16 hours a day
  • accessible via a dedicated, cloud-based platform and/or API

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