the dog walk interview

we gave Bob a chance to rant, and now he wants his own series

by Jem Shaw

As meeting indoors is now strongly discouraged, we took Sam Evans and Bob Blower to an open field and listened in. After editing out the reminders to stand further apart, we were left with a good solid thirty seconds.

The plan now is to do a series of these, as Bob can rant on for far more hours than can be fitted in one attention span. We're just off to film the next one, but Tarryn caught sight of her lead, looked outside at a typically bleak British December and now we can't find her.

The series starts on Wednesday 16th January. Right now, given that the star of the show refuses to come out of her trailer, it looks as if interview one will come from the pub.

There will be opinions. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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