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easing transition

Any change to your systems involves some degree of disruption, and it's wise to recognise this fact when you're considering the cost:benefit relationship. From the outset, we design all of our services to slot in with the absolute minimum of interruption and staff re-training. Salesforce plays a major role in that philosophy.

As the world leader in enterprise applications, Salesforce is central to the operations of a vast number of companies. It therefore made sense to include this de facto global standard in our solutions.

Our development team have many years of Salesforce integration under their belts. If you're already using this exceptional platform, then they can quickly set you up with an interface that's as familiar and user friendly as your favourite slippers.

If you're new to Salesforce, then welcome! Your biz.Clarency package comes somplete with a Salesforce Communities licence. It's there to implement whenever you need it, allowing you not only to roll out extra features of our systems, but to create user-friendly, rock-solid interfaces of your own.

do I have to use Salesforce?

By no means; we integrated Salesforce into our solutions because it matches the way many of our clients prefer to work. But it's not a system requirement. We can provide you with biz.Clarency's own easy-to-use interface, or we'll integrate seamlessly with your own enterprise systems - it's your choice.

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  • available for all biz.Clarency implementations
  • Salesforce Communities licence included
  • custom objects available


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