the flexibility to fit your business

fees that fit your way of working

The range of benefits that biz.Clarency brings speak for themselves, but how you measure those benefits depends on how you manage your business. For example, you may apply it as a chargeable profit generator, or you may deploy it purely as a means of making your own systems more cost-effective. That's why we've developed a mix-and-match fee system that flexes to suit you. Finding the charging model that fits your plans will be a major element of our initial conversations.

chained blocks

fixed subscription

This is a good choice where you have a relatively stable throughput of transactions. We agree an average usage level and you can then budget your outgoings accordingly. We review your account regularly to ensure that you're getting best value and can alert you immediately should there be any sudden or unexpected peaks or troughs.

Solid block

block purchase

You can choose to make periodic purchases of blocks of operations that suit you. You then use your account as you wish. We'll contact you in plenty of time when a top-up is needed and work with you to ensure we're meeting your needs.

group of blocks

per transaction

This model is ideal for SMEs where you may have only occasional need for assessment of a business associate or a transaction. There's no need to commit to any volume and you can call on us whenever you need us. As always, we monitor your use and will alert you if another plan would save you money.

stylised chandelier of blocks


We're always interested in innovative use of our technologies and are eager to work with reseller partners who can offer added value to their customers. We have a range of options, from cost-plus-profit, commission or rebates.

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