Clarency at the pub

what to do when the dog says it's too cold

by Jem Shaw

Never work with animals or children. I'm used to the latter - I work with Bob and Sam remember - but in this case it was the animal element that interfered with plans. We were aiming for our second Dog Walk Interview. Tarryn, however, had other ideas. She put a nose outside, detected an unacceptably low temperature, gave that look that can only be achieved by schnauzers and B.A. Baracus - the one that says "What you talkin' bout, fool?"

Fortunately, the local pub was enjoying its last days of being allowed to serve food and drink - albeit outside - so we cunningly traded a healthy walk for an equally therapeutic beer and nibbles. The result was Bob and Sam sitting next to the heater while I cavorted around hunting down the oscar-shot while dodging hypothermia.

Still, it kind of worked, and here's the result. Zombie virus permitting, something approaching normal service will be resumed shortly.


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