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Clarency is licensed and banked in Singapore, which is credit-rated by S & P, DBRS and Fitch as AAA with a stable outlook.

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We believe that cross-border trade should be as straightforward as a local transaction. That may be too big an ask, but we've brought that vision a whole lot closer to reality - and we're not done yet...

biz.Clarency is the umbrella that brings together the four principal elements of a multi-regional transaction into a single-source. It allows buyers and sellers to interact freely and profitably, while easing the compliance and cost burdens for the financial organisations that enable the transactions.

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Our principal platform, biz.Clarency, provides an interlocking ecosystem that allows businesses of all types and sizes to interact and trade. Specialised implementations provide an ideal fit for various key business types.

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Since we launched biz.Clarency in January 2021, it's proved itself for several major international FIs and countless small-to-medium businesses. Few of our case histories involve a straightforward business-to-customer relationship; we usually have much to gain from our customers' expertise, and so a genuine parnership evolves.

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We’re surrounded by digital cures for practically every business ill. There’s no shortage of innovative solutions, each designed to do a job to help your business along. But adopting all of them would leave you little time to get on with the very business they set out to help. So you have to prioritise those that tackle your most pressing issues and deliver the biggest benefit.

Or do it all with biz.Clarency.

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