It was with alarm that I read this morning of James Cleverly's defence of his forthcoming visit to China... more...

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Ebenezer Scrooge checks his iPhone

inbedded finance

in which Scrooge is schooled by a ghost, or
S.P.E.C.T.R.E - find out what it means to me

As Mr Ebenezer Scrooge retired to bed that night, it was with a heart made heavy by the weight of those concerns that beset he who must pay the piper while others call the tune. Uneasy indeed lay the head that payed the crowns,...

19th century-style satirical cartoon

it's not just about Nigel

who are the real victims of the banks' prejudices?

 The press is having a barrel-load of fun with the de-banking of Nigel Farage. Like him or not, this is a man with a conspicuous public image, and I applaud that light has been cast on certain banks' behaviour. But Mr...

financial criminal

Moving compliance from blame-shifting to crime prevention

does financial compliance nurture financial crime?

“Financial compliance was originally intended to stamp out malfeasance, but now it nurtures it.”

This inflammatory statement is typical of Bob Blower’s outspoken view of the world. The financial...

Sunrise in Myanmar

aiding the aiders in Myanmar

Clarency helps deliver vital support to Myanmar

Aid organisations operate at the sharp end of international payments. Often, those countries that most need their support are those that are most difficult to reach with life-critical funds. So it's with great pleasure that...

Khumo Motsisi accepts an excellence award on behalf of Clarency

Clarency Wins in Dubai

FiNext awards us for Excellence in Cybersecurity

Our redoubtable Head of Operations, Khumo Motsisi, took the stage at FiNext, Dubai last week to accept our award for Excellence in Cybersecurity and Finance. This was big news for us, coming just as we launch our SWIFT-extending...

globally linked blockchains

building blocks

how connected blockchains raise the bar for data integrity

Next-generation blockchain technology has been at the core of our international payments platform since we first partnered with InterlockLedger in 2020. What began as an easily accessible but highly secured source of immutable...

scissors cutting red tape

let's bond

cutting red tape to free world markets

I saw today that Mauritius Commercial Bank had launched a bond on the London market raising $300m. This will undoubtedly bolster this well respected bank's core liquidity at a time of tightening correspondent bank credit...

SWIFT embedded blockchain

sharing the knowledge

expanding SWIFT for next-generation compliance

A ground-breaking but simple technique to improve the effectiveness of AML/ATF/KYC processes is being made public by its developers.

Bob Blower, CEO of Clarency, explains why. "What we're doing is very simple...

correspondent banking payment rails

correspondent banking

it's worked for 500 years; what went wrong?

Correspondent banking, the chain of relationships that allows financial institutions to co-operate across regional borders, has been with us since the days of Italy's Medici dynasty. Anything that's remained in use that...

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